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Plastic blind drain [$13.00] China
Posted by Dacheng Building Material Co., Ltd [Gold] on 11/20/2016, 06:16:44 PM
Plastic blind drain is also called blind ditch or under drain. It is made of plastic core and outer filtering cloth. Plastic core body is a thermoplastic synthetic resin as the main raw material, after modification, in the melt state, through the nozzle pressed thin plastic wire strip, by forming device for extruded plastic wire in contact welding..
PVC Geomembrane [$13.00] China
Posted by Dacheng Building Material Co., Ltd [Gold] on 11/20/2016, 05:56:44 PM
PVC geomembrane is polyvinyl chloride waterproof board. It is a kind of superior quality, high polymer waterproof sheet. By adding plasticizer, anti ultraviolet agent, anti aging agent, stabilizer and other processing aids into PVC resin, through extrusion method to produce molding high polymer waterproof coiled material. Composite PVC geomembrane..
PVC Waterstop [$13.00] China
Posted by Zaoqiang Dacheng Rubber Co., Ltd [Gold] on 11/15/2016, 05:31:33 PM
PVC waterstop, also termed as PVC water bar, PVC seal construction joint, is embedded in construction joints or movement joints to provide a physical barrier to water. It is made from high grade polyvinyl chloride, special resin and some chemical additives, such as plasticizers and stabilizers. The product goes through the process of mix, extrude...
Pot Bearing [$100.00] China
Posted by Dacheng Building Material Co., Ltd [Gold] on 11/10/2016, 07:23:29 PM
Pot bearing, also known as pot rubber bearing, with elastomeric bearing embedded inside of the steel plate, can be divided into fixed pot bearing, guided pot bearing and free sliding pot bearing. Pot bearings are special types of bridge bearings for taking large loads, large horizontal displacements and large rotation requirements in confined..
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