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vanilla bean [$250.00] Madagascar
Posted by COMMODITYPV LTD SARLU [Gold] on 08/23/2017, 02:00:16 PM
Specifications:The product being supplied shall be fit, as per inspection certificate issued by Societe Generale de Surveillance (SGS) and shall meet the following specifications:SpecificationsGrade 'A' vanilla beans (Gourmet or prime, whole black vanilla beans)Sizes: 15cm ~ 16cm, 16 ~ 18cm+Moisture:20%Min..
Roulette Cheating Device for Your Roulette Game [$100.00] China
Posted by taylor [Gold] on 08/22/2017, 09:51:09 PM
The games of roulette is as popular as many casino games in the world. It features a wheel (or a table) with 38 evenly spaced and alternately colored areas where players will place their bets on. Winning the roulette games mainly depends on luck, but our roulette cheating device can enhance your odds with 100% possibility. There is a..
The Useful USB Cable Camera for Poker Analyzer [$100.00] China
Posted by taylor [Gold] on 08/22/2017, 09:29:15 PM
Could you imagine that a USB charger cable can be fixed a camera inside? If so, how magic it is! Yes, we have created this powerful cheating device in poker gambling.It is necessary for you to charge your phone when it powers off. And the USB cable as a common tool is used to charge the phone, so we can take this good chance to hide a camera..
2015 All-in-one CVK 350 Poker Analyzer [$20.00] China
Posted by taylor [Gold] on 08/22/2017, 09:24:02 PM
The latest all-in-one CVK 350 poker analyzer has launched in the markets. With its extensive application to many poker games, this device will be helpful in your poker gambling cheat. I will introduce this powerful device to you in the following descriptions.1. This is an all-in-one CVK 350 poker analyzer that integrates a poker analyzer with a..
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